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5K prides on the quality of the converted vehicles, as all are done in the Japan factory.
Two stages of quality tests and inspections are done for each vehicle
All vehicles after being converted go through one day of complete testing in our own factory before they are sent to EAA (East African Automobile Services) inspection center for independent inspections and testing.
Stage 2: Vehicle sent to EAA inspection and testing center for certification.
No vehicle is offered for sale unless the strict standards of EAA are met and the vehicle is considered Roadworthy and compliant for overseas markets.DETAILS OF TESTING CRITERIAN AS PER EAA WEB SITE.
EAA is the recognized and licensed authority to certify Pre Export inspections for various African countries. Please see their page for further details.
Once the quality standard is met, the vehicle certificate (SCANNED COPY OF EAA CERTIFICATE TO BE SHOWN HERE) is issued and will be supplied at no extra cost to the buyer, giving details of the vehicle.
We are the only company that offers high quality conversions, and we guarantee the mechanical and electrical soundness of every vehicle shipped by us.

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